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As I’ve grown as a reader, I’ve grown as a writer. It seems as though I started reading at birth – anything and everything, from the magic of Madeleine and the wild horses of Margeurite Henry, through Nancy Drew and the Bobsey twins. And as soon as I began to read, I began to write: diaries, poems, clumsy short stories I hoped would mimic the lilt, the rhythm and voice of my favorite authors.

As a young adult, I made a career of my writing. I left graduate school (French literature, the work of 17th Century writers and philosophers my specialty) to become editor-in-chief of a small home-town newspaper, then moved to corporate jobs editing company newsletters and writing executive speeches. At 40, I was named senior vice president of the pharmaceutical and chemical giant Bayer Corporation. I was at the top of my game, and more miserable by the day, too exhausted to read or write. At 46, I stunned my family and colleagues when I quit my job, moved to Tucson and began to write full time.

Over the years, I have been drawn more and more – both reading and writing – to nonfiction: biographies, memoirs, personal essays. My own memoir, three hundred pages, is in the process of seeking representation. I received the Mathiesen Award for nonfiction from Harmony Magazine for an essay about my father’s death. My essay about my rape by a cop was honored and published by Fish Publishing in its anthology of poetry, fiction and nonfiction. My essay Bird of Doom was a finalist in the Tucson Literary Awards for Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction and was recently published in Goddard College’s literary journal Clockhouse Review. A number of my flash fiction pieces, drawn from personal stories, have also been recognized.

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