Just announced: Margo is the winner of the 2019 Tom Howard/John H. Reid prize!

Author of Award Winning Essays and Memoirs

Author of Award Winning Essays and Memoirs

Author of Award Winning Essays and MemoirsAuthor of Award Winning Essays and Memoirs

About Me

As I’ve grown as a reader, I’ve grown as a writer. It seems as though I started reading at birth – anything and everything, from the magic of Madeline and the wild horses of Marguerite Henry, through Nancy Drew and the Bobsey twins. 

As a young adult, I made a career of my writing. I left graduate school (French literature and the work of 17th Century writers and philosophers) to become editor-in-chief of a small home-town newspaper, then moved to corporate jobs editing company newsletters and writing executive speeches. At 40, I was named senior vice president of the pharmaceutical and chemical giant Bayer Corporation. I was at the top of my game, and more miserable by the day, too exhausted to read or write. At 46, I stunned my family, my husband and colleagues when I quit my job, left the gray, drizzly skies of the Midwest and moved to Tucson to write and paint full time.

Over the years, I've been drawn more and more – both reading and writing – to nonfiction: biographies, memoirs, personal essays. My own memoir is in the process of seeking representation. 

My Favorite Books and Authors

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